Reaching the property range is the dream of many people, and many are working extremely hard to secure their future in bricks and mortar by saving and paying a mortgage without which they could do so. But what about the lucky ones who get large sums of money and do not need a loan? Let us look at the houses bought by gambling, betting, poker and online slots free spins lucky winners.


Neil Trotter ( £ 108 million)


He was just a mare mechanic he won online slots-worthy £ 108 million. It is probably safe to say that there are not many car mechanics living in medieval palaces of 5 million pounds covering almost 400 hectares of land.

It took little time for Trotter to understand what he wanted to do with the money, he told Mail: The Euro Millions gambling winner also described how the couple hoped to find a “slower pace of life” when going to the country. To overcome the envy that you will feel now, the couple also sold their original home and made good money to add this huge sum of money.


Colin and Christine Veir (£ 161 million)


This pair won a really valuable poker jackpot of 161 million pounds in Euro Millions, gambling’s biggest victory in the UK, as you can imagine, they were very interested in moving the house.

After looking at the beautiful luxury house in Troon, Scotland, for which it was announced that it would last only ten minutes, they decided to part with £ 3.5 million to realize their dream. They gave their pre-gambling home to a happy neighbor for free.

pile of money


Gloria MacKenzie ($ 278 million)


Gloria McKenzie has replaced her old apartment with a house by the sea and has donated $ 2 million for repairs to the high school in Maine. In May of 2013, Gloria MacKenzie, an 84-year-old woman from Zephyr Hills, Florida, set a Power ball earnings record in gambling.

She got a jackpot in poker of $ 590.5 million, and no one else shared a prize. As the only winner, MacKenzie took home an important sum of $ 278 million after taxes.

After his big betting win, MacKenzie bought a $ 1.2 million home-based house in Jacksonville, Florida, a major upgrade for his rented apartment worth $ 30,000. MacKenzie also donated an excellent $ 2 million high school in Maine, which needed a new roof. The generous grandmother also promised to divide her gambling earnings with her son Scott.


John and Lisa Robinson ($ 327.8 million)


After 2 years after his great victory, Robinson now lives in the house of 6.2 million dollars. Sitting on a 320-acre parcel, your luxury home features a private lake and some of the best views in Tennessee. More than that, there are eight bathrooms and even a well-equipped home theatre. A lot of staying in a modest house acquired from online slots.

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Michael Carroll (£ 9.7 million)


Most lottery winnings will surely create a good amount of stories, but many winners will not be able to win titles as much as this case against social crazies.

After winning an incredible £ 9.7 million in the betting, Carroll managed to restore his fall in Swaffham, Norfolk, which was worth around 700,000 pounds, in a 142,000-pound crash. His friend told Daily Mail: he lived like a wild animal.