It’s not hard to see why online slots sites like, are so popular in the gambling industry. They do not require any skill once you are playing, and are simple to grasp the idea of. You simply select the amount that you would like to chance, press a button, sit back and let the Random Number Generator decide your fate. However, there is a smart way and an irrational way to play slots online.

Get To Know Slots

It is absolutely vital before playing online slots that you know what to expect from a game. So, we have outlined the key features of any slot game here for you.

Symbols – Depending on the game, there are always multiple symbols that represent payouts. To attain these payouts, the slot machine must produce a set of matching symbols that land in the right order. There are also different bonus features that can grant you free spins, bonus rounds, or multipliers. These are called “Wild” symbols or “Scatter” symbols.

Paylines – These are lines that connect the combinations on a slot. Slots can have any number of paylines, and typically you are more likely to win if a game has more paylines because there are more opportunities for symbols to land in the right combination. However, you also have to weigh up the pros and cons of playing a slot game with more paylines as sometimes you have to decide how much you want to bet on each seperate payline.

Return To Player Percentage – The Return To Player Percentage (or RTP) is the casino’s advantage in a specific slot game. The larger that the RTP is, the more the game works in favour of the player because it means that the game is more likely to pay out. You can find the RTP usually in the ‘read more’ section that details more information about the game. So, make sure that you search out the online slot games with a higher RTP.

Progressive Jackpots – Progressive jackpot slots are slots where the jackpot increases every time that someone plays the game and does not win. Eventually, the jackpot is won and it is reset to a predetermined value, only to grow again. These can seem very enticing thanks to the large jackpot that you could potentially win. However, the choice of slot depends on the individual. Our advice would be to give a jackpot slot a try if the top prize has built up to be worth millions. However, if it has recently been won, we would advise that you stick to regular slots.

Online Slot Strategy

Now that you know more about what to expect from online slots, you can apply some strategy to play them in order to limit the amount of money that you lose.

  • Play Games With A High RTP – As we have outlined, online slots with a higher Return To Player percentage are more likely to pay out and, therefore, these are arguably the most beneficial to play.
  • Try Free Slots – There are many casinos that offer a demo of slot games where you can try them for free. In order to choose the game that you want to play, we would advise that you make use of this in order to help make the decision of which online slot game to play. This is important because there are so many slot games available on various casinos. It can be hard to make a decision that is worthwhile.
  • Use Free Spins and Online Promotions – Online casinos are constantly offering their players new promotions and bonuses. This is why we would advise taking advantage of any free spins and promotions that are offered to you in order to make more money. You’d be a fool not to.
  • Don’t Always Play Big Progressive Jackpots – As we have said, it is very easy to get sucked straight into a game when it displays quite a large amount of money that is up for grabs simply by spinning the reels. However, progressive jackpots aren’t always worth spending your money on. If the jackpot was won recently, then we suggest that you stick to slots like cops and robbers. The time to play progressive jackpots is when the jackpot has built up over a period of time.
  • Manage Your Bankroll – Your bankroll is the money that you have set aside to gamble. This is an amount of money that you could lose and still feel comfortable. This amount is different for everyone and it’s one of the best ways to ensure that you gamble responsibly and don’t spend too much money. It is also important to keep your winnings seperate from your bankroll. This means that you optimise the amount of money that you win. If you end up spending all of your money and then spend your winnings, you leave with nothing. However, if you keep the two amounts of money, then you will at least leave having won some money.
  • Mix Your Choice Of Game Up – It’s very easy to get sucked into playing one singular game when visiting an online casino. This is normally because of something called gambler’s fallacy, where a person convinces themselves that a slot or game will pay out on the next spin. However, if you are having no luck on a slot or simply find it boring, then simply pick another of the many other games available online.
  • Play For Fun And Within Your Limits – Gambling is supposed to be a fun past time and should not be used as a source of income due to its volatility. Never gamble more than you can afford and remember that there are multiple places that you can get help if you believe that you are suffering from addiction.
  • Don’t Try To Cheat – There is a common misconception surrounding online slot games wherein many people believe that they can somehow hack or rig the game into paying out every single time. However, online slot games are very complex and you will get caught. So, play and win fairly.