The New Dating Rules

dating couple

Are you in hunt for an old school kind of love? Well, it’s kind of hard to find one on this present generation. Though the classics seemed to be so romantic, so flattering, and so hard to get over; there are new dating trends that both sexes are starting to get occasioned of. It may be new to some, but these new rules seems to come easy breezy to follow for some.


Here are few of those newly innovated dating rules:


The Right Combination

The right time has come that your girlfriend’s besties aren’t your strongest competition; the present dating rule includes your friends and your partner. Throw away the old mantra that takes away the real fun, no more ticking the calendar for different schedules; taking a campout with your girlfriend and your friends (with their partners) is the modern way to do it. Though you should spend quality time with your partner, it won’t be that hassle to set different dates or to find an excuse because your girlfriend doesn’t want you spending time with your pals; getting her close to the pack would let her understand what kind of friendship you have and what you’re in to. The more the merrier – that’s just how the modern people do it, keeping all the good people together.


Not Yet The Due

Well, you are too old if you still set a specific time when to say yes or when to finally take your first move on that girl you’ve been eyeing for quite some time. The world is fast paced and the dating world seems to adapt easily, you don’t need to wait for that specific time when you know deep within you feel you’re like a rocket waiting to explode and say YES! Waiting in vain is too classical that most of those who wait vainly end up with nothing; just treasured moments of watching time pass by and seeing people come and go. If it’s time to say yes, they say yes. When you feel the urge to do the first move, do it.


Women Can What The Men Could

No more time to go daisy-like, women nowadays would gladly do things for men. It doesn’t bother them paying the bill on dates or giving a part of it, not even worried when she is asked to take herself on the meeting place when the man can’t fetch her. She knows her place and doesn’t really get intimidated when her partner couldn’t cancel a scheduled trip with his friends – just don’t get into her gut-feels, because women are fighters now, they can do what men could do when they get mad.


The Longer The Better

It doesn’t really apply well on the present generation. YOLO as they say – You Only Live Once, thus, life is too short to waste on getting to know each other. The best way to live life now a days is to know the person a little bit, and when sparks ignite it is the right time, no more holding back. Courting doesn’t need to be long, what needs to last longer is the relationship.


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