Meet the Team

ZootFly is a game studio of passionate game developers located in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. Dedicated to top-notch technology, art, animation, and design, we focus exclusively on AAA titles for Playstation 3, XBox 360, Wii and PC, in the genres of action, adventure, and first person shooters.

ZootFly was founded in 2002 and has since grown to our current size of 45 members. We have a flat structure with no middle management, favoring instead the hiring of creative, dedicated and talented people who work in tightly integrated teams.

Ljubljana is an ideal location for both business and pleasure. We are 2 hours from Venice by car, 2 hours from London by plane, and we have both Alpine skiing and Mediterranean sun less than 60 minutes away.

group photo during test


What keeps all our games running

ZootFly’s core technology asset is our proprietary engine, called ZEN, which is based on a revolutionary job threading system that optimally exploits core processing architectures across multiple platforms. ZEN runs on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PC.

ZEN uses a deferred rendering approach that enables realtime lighting without any precomputation. This allows ZEN to render complex, dynamic, destructible environments and ensures a very short art iteration loop.

ZEN eliminates traditional loading screens by loading all levels and assets transparently in the background, ensuring a smooth gaming experience without interruptions. ZEN’s dynamic level of detail (LOD) system keeps the frame rate stable, smoothly adjusting the level of detail on geometry, lighting, shadows, particles and even AI logic.

Seamless integration with Autodesk Maya makes ZEN an efficient, cost-cutting production tool that slashes development time. Designing levels is extremely easy because everything can be done directly in Maya — from modeling, mapping and animating, to positioning of sound sources, particles, events, triggers, scripting and NPCs. All assets and levels can be played instantly on target hardware with just a single click from Maya.