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Zootfly is located in the beautiful city of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. With a medieval hilltop castle above a picturesque winding river, Ljubljana is a unique little town. But her small size conceals a wealth of culture, sights, activities and fun – all within easy reach.

Ljubljana likes to party late. During the Mediterranean summer nights, the many restaurants, cafes, bars and night clubs along the river stay open until the early hours. The city’s main square, Prešernov trg is often pulsing with activity until 4 a.m. And because Ljubljana is one of the safest cities in Europe, there is never a worry about walking home after a night out.

Into the wild

Slovenia is a nation with marvelous scenery and rich wildlife. Most of the country is covered in forests, much of it virgin timberland.

As part of your adventures in the great outdoors you can visit the glacial lake of Bled. Or you might want to explore Postojna, the largest and most-visited cave in Europe, where you will find millions of dazzling stalagmites, stalactites, and a display of unique blind cave salamanders.

Old historical writings say each mountain has its own God, and the mountain Slivnica is no exception. Here you will find the legendary Witches’ Cave, the place where storms are made and all misfortune is born.

And, just one hour away from Ljubljana, you can sail on the Mediterranean Sea, wind-surf along the beautiful coastline, or scuba-dive on the reefs and wrecks hidden below the Adriatic waters near the ancient coastal cities of Piran and Portorož.

Housing and transport

ZootFly helps new employees make living arrangements that match their preferences. Rental apartments are available for moderate sums in the old part of the city, a no-car zone where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of a weekend morning. Or, if you’re interested in something more contemporary, there are also a number of newly-built apartments available.

Ljubljana is a great city for bike-riding, with a wide variety of interesting destinations nearby. The government even funds a system called Ljubljana Bike, which offers visitors free bikes during summer months.

The bus system is also a great way to get across town. You can find more about the bus city system here. There are 21 lines that serve the central areas and suburbs, and buses on the main lines run every 5 to 15 minutes.

Culinary delights

Get used to a famous Slovenian proverb: “Love comes through the stomach.” Surprises await you on every corner, including old traditional dishes and sophisticated cuisine influenced by our location at the crossroads of cultures.

From Austria we get our sausage (klobasa), strudel (zavitek) and Wiener schnitzel (Dunajski zrezek). From Italy we have borrowed pasta (rezanci), risotto (rižota), potato dumplings (njoki) and ravioli (žlikrofi). Hungary has given us goulash (golaž) and chicken/beef stew (paprikaš). And from the Balkans we have taken our grilled meats (čevapčiči and ražnjiči).

The two national breweries Laško and Union offer excellent beers, and there are also a large number of microbreweries. The wine-growing tradition is also strong, with a variety of red and white wines.

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